Security in Today’s Society

We are often asked the question what has gone wrong with our society today. Some people have plenty of answers and are ready to voice their opinions but still they don’t do anything. We are constantly reminded daily of all types of crimes being committed, no doubt at the time of me writing this article some sort of crime is being carried out. Crime is not going to magically vanish now or in the future and no matter what punishment level is delivered to the perpetrators, some still go on to break the law.

A lot of groups and qualified professionals claim these criminals are from a difficult childhood or they were misled and guided into the life of a criminal. We all have to take responsibility for our own actions and decisions. It is far too easy to pass the blame when we have done wrong. Stop blaming the past and lets work on the question, “Why?”

Our elderly will often say, “when we were young we never did this or did that because we would be punished by our parents.” In those days everyone had respect for each other and the community was closer to each other and if you did commit a crime and were caught your local community would make sure your parents and schools would know about it. In today’s society some of the younger generation seem to have lost respect for themselves, not to mention having no respect for others and who do we blame? Yes, parents, teachers, police, education and our laws. We then start to blame each authority and still come up with no answers or solutions.

We would all like to live in a peaceful world helping one another and getting back to the good old days. We cannot go back to the past, the past has nothing new to say. We have to deal with the now, the present and learn from the mistakes we have made in the past as a community. The world’s younger generation are maturing quicker than we did. They are quick thinking and open about all types of conversations. They will come to their own conclusions and state their opinions and you will find that some younger people will agree with each other and some elderly will disagree. Like it or not, the world’s future relies on our children. Therefore, we all have a duty to help one another by the way we conduct ourselves and our children will learn from this.

At the moment crime is here to stay and we will all be vulnerable at some point in our lives. It does not matter what background you come from; rich, poor, colour, nationality, celebrity, sports person,vicar, priest, nurse, doctor, police or politician. You ask anybody who has had an encounter with a criminal, burglar, mugger or violence in any form and they will all have their own stories to tell. They also have one thing in common, the fear factor, upset, stress and some have been fatal.

“DON’T take the risk, THINK safe.

Lookout for my next article providing you with some simple steps you can take to help with your security.