Motorcycle Helmet Laws

The proper and responsible use of motorcycle helmets by all motorcyclists will dramatically reduce fatalities in motorcycle accidents. Hence, some states make them mandatory for all motorcyclists.

All motorcycle helmets conform to certain standards set by the DOT. The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard describes in detail the DOT requirements, which are mandatory and binding for all helmets. Helmets which meet the DOT regulations usually have a DOT approval sticker on the back of the helmet.

The Snell Memorial Foundation provides an additional certification or approval for motorcycle helmets. However, it is optional.

In 1975, almost all states had mandatory helmet laws for everyone. But due to Congressional influence, many states removed or weakened their laws. Today, 20 states and the District of Columbia have made helmet wearing mandatory for motorcyclists; four states have no helmet laws at all. Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, and New Hampshire are the four which make helmet-wearing optional. Another 19 states have helmet laws that do not apply to adult riders.

The limited helmet laws are usually based on the assumption that older and experienced drivers don?t need helmets. These states only require them for young people.

Statistics show that reduced helmet use has increased motorcycle deaths over the years. Deaths have shot up by 60%. The Fatality Analysis Reporting System shows that helmet use among the fatally injured was less than 50%, and that fatalities and deaths are much more common among those above the age of 40. Research shows that head injuries are the most common cause of motorcycle deaths.

Consistency and Endurance – Use This Law Today – (Express 2-3 Times More Self-Control That Others)

In this article I will share something that has propelled my business to places I thought wouldn’t be reached so fast. I will briefly give an example in story form then break it down a bit further.

This technique is so powerful. It’s been proven, most who use it not only swear by it, but they have the ability to express 2-3 times more self-control that others.

Many times I would help a buddy of mine who owned a moving company. He would call me up and say “meet me at such and such I got a full house to move”

This third guy would come to help, he was huge; seriously. This friend’s name is (let’s just say Bob) arrives at the moving location and about 1 hour into it guess what happens?

He starts making these ridiculous sounds so I look over to see what’s wrong… He was struggling to lift the furniture after 2 hours.

It was very strange and for the longest time I wondered, what could be the difference between this dude who’s huge and muscular and another guy like me for example, lifting the same stuff, working the same amount of time and having more energy than him, able to go again a couple times around?

I realized that Consistency and Endurance were a huge factor here and literally the only two things that were making such a big difference in our situations.

Consistency and Endurance are the key driving force behind every great move an individual strives to do. If we focus on keeping this a priority we would be surprised how far it takes us.

Let’s look at article writing for an example.

I have hard time writing because it’s not my favorite thing to do. Writing to me is like pulling teeth at times, when I start it I almost fall asleep 5 minutes in. But other times I feel excited and ready to start jotting down my ideas and sharing valuable content to put on my blog.

If you will make it a habit to write daily before doing anything else then it will feel a bit awkward the days when you miss doing it. So making it a habit to do what you know needs to be done on a daily basis will eventual start becoming like second nature and it won’t be so hard to accomplish daily tasks.

If you hang on long enough and make up your mind that this will work for you then eventually everything will start falling into place, so persevere!

Real Estate Marketing Strategies – Does the Law of Attraction Work in Today’s Market?

As a real estate business coach I get asked this question a lot. “Does the law of attraction still work in today’s economy?” And the answer is yes, the law of attraction works in any economy.

In fact the law of attraction works 100% of the time whether you’re aware of it or not. The law of attraction is like a law of gravity. Even if you don’t believe in the law of gravity it’s still working. Whether you’re a good person or a bad person, if you jump off a building you’ll hit the ground.

The law of attraction can work in your favor or in your disfavor. In today’s economy it’s even more important to use the law of attraction in your favor. Why? Because the media is painting such a negative doom and gloom picture that you consciousness absorbs all of this media blitz, and consciously or subconsciously you start focusing on what you don’t want which is scarcity and lack, the two things that the media is talking most about.

If you have any exposure to the news you know how easy it is to start feeling depressed even after just a little bit of news. The law of attraction is still working in that case because what you focus on expands and if you focus on lack and scarcity, doom and gloom, poor economy and so forth, then that is exactly what you will manifest as your result. However, the good news is that it’s possible, and not only possible but actually imperative that you use the law of attraction to your advantage while the rest of the world is focusing on the news and the doom and the gloom.

You have a choice. You can focus on the gloom and become a victim like most people, or you can choose to use the law of attraction to create the kind of results that you want. Remember, like attracts like and you get what you focus on. You can focus on abundance and you can focus on opportunities no matter what’s happening in the economy. What the media doesn’t report is the good news.

The media sells better when it reports bad news. In fact there’s a line. If it bleeds, it reads. All the more important why you should look for the good news. Did you know that there were more millionaires created in the Great Depression than at any other time in American history? But the media doesn’t report that.

Did you know that Napoleon Hill said “Within every adversity is an equal or greater benefit.”? The media also doesn’t report that. Did you know that in today’s real estate market there are wonderful opportunities? All you have to do is look for them.

One of my former clients is doing exceptionally well in today’s economy because she stands out. She is unique. She doesn’t bring and doom and gloom to her clients. She brings the good news of how they can benefit from today’s economy.

Do you want to the law of attraction to operate in your favor? Then start using it now.

First, get clear on what you don’t want. That should be very easy. It’s all the things that the media is talking about. Then focus on what you do want. Probably it will be an abundance of ideal clients. Clearly define what you mean by an ideal client.

Next, clearly define your vision and see what it feels like to have what you want. After you have clarified your vision, ask yourself: “What self-limiting beliefs do I need to release to manifest my vision?” If you have self-limiting beliefs such as “There’s never enough money.” or “To be successful you have to work long hours, struggle, and sacrifice.” or “I don’t have what it takes to be successful.” then those beliefs will stop you from succeeding.

With the help of a mentor or a coach you can find a way to turn those beliefs in to empowered beliefs, like “There is an abundance of money.” “We live in an abundant universe.” “I am a child of God and God wants me to have abundance.” “I have all that it takes to succeed.” “To be successful I need to work smarter, not harder.”

In summary, there’s never been a better time to use the law of attraction in your favor. In fact if you don’t use the law of attraction in your favor it will use you and then you will become one of the statistics that the news is talking about. Don’t let that happen to you. Remember what Napoleon Hill said, “In every adversity is an equal or greater benefit.” Your job is to find it.

How to Use the Law of Attraction to Get Anything You Want

These days, many people are bogged down with negative thoughts-doubts about the future, financial worries, health concerns around the globe-and they are turning ever increasingly toward the universe for whatever answers it may hold.

They are discovering that there are universal laws that apply to everyone, and those laws, when properly understood and obeyed, can make a remarkable difference in anyone’s life.

One of the most talked about universal laws today is the law of attraction. The main property of this law is: everything in the universe has a vibrational quality, and things with identical vibrations attract each other. Thoughts are things, and as such have vibrational qualities. Therefore, all thoughts attract like components in the universe to manifest.

For example, the law of attraction assures that thoughts of negativity and lack will draw things like scarceness and poverty into one’s life. Conversely, thoughts of abundance and happiness, when properly asked for and received, will create a rich, wonderful life for those seeking it.

However, simply thinking things will not make them so. There are some important rules to follow for one trying to tap into the power of the law of attraction. You must be willing to accept and become that which you desire, and you must not doubt that what you ask for will be given to you. This is more complicated than it sounds, and is the reason why so many fail when trying to apply the law’s principles to their lives.

When you begin to learn more about the law of attraction, it opens up possibilities you never imagined. It becomes the beginning of a wonderful journey toward a life free of self-limiting belief. And, as you continue to tap into the resources of the universe, you come to realize that the sky truly is the limit.