The Law on Road Legal Quad Bikes

Although there are no legal restrictions on driving quad bikes over private land and a blanket ban on driving them – or any vehicle – over public land such as parks and commons, the law applying to driving quad bikes on the open road is a little more complicated.

The law is broken down into two main areas: that which applies to the riders and that which applies to the bikes themselves.

In regard to the riders, it is a little ironic that, despite quad bikes making their first appearance back in the late 1960s as an innovative motorcycle adaptation by Honda, UK law today views a quad bike not as a motorbike but as a light vehicle.

It is therefore imperative that those intending to take a quad out on the road hold not just a motorcycle licence but a standard car driving licence for which of course a driving test must be passed.

Holders of such a licence will need to be at least 17 years old, unless they receive higher level Disability Living Allowance mobility awards, in which case the minimum age is lowered to 16.

Interestingly, although the wearing of protective clothing and a motorcycle helmet is strongly recommended in order to safeguard against possible injury, there is no legal requirement to do so at the time of writing.

Regarding the quads themselves, the law recognises two types: category 1.6e and category 1.7e.

Category 1.6e – ‘light’ – these must have a maximum unladen weight of 350 kilos; a maximum 50cc or 4 kilowatt engine; and a maximum speed of 45 km per hour.

Category 1.7e quads on the other hand need to have a maximum unladen weight of 550 kilos (or 440 kilos if the quad is not designed to carry goods); and a maximum net engine power of 15 kilowatts.

In order to be driven on a public road, all quad bikes must meet official European Whole Vehicle Type Approval (ECWVTA) environmental and safety standards. An ECWVTA certificate will usually have already been obtained by the bike manufacturer and presented to the owner upon purchase. If this is not the case a certificate can be applied for. Enquiries should be made in the first instance to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

Once they have been type approved, all quad bikes taken out on the public highway must, like any other vehicle on the road, be registered with the DVLA; be properly insured; and of course be covered by a road fund licence (in other words, taxed).

The 1988 Road Traffic Act also specifies that all quads on the road must, like any other vehicle, be fitted with front and rear registration number plates; lights and directional indicators; legally prescribed tyres; a speedometer; and a warning horn.

Any quad over three years old must also be tested regularly in order to receive an official valid MOT certificate. Unlike most other vehicles however, quads are not required to undergo emissions tests.

This is just a short summary of the UK law on road legal quad bikes at the time of writing but check the current law before you ride on public roads. Whatever you do, enjoy your quad bike and take every precaution to stay safe.

Have you seen “The Secret?” Apply and Accelerate the Law of Attraction

How Can Our Emotions Serve the Law of Attraction?

I am the one who researched the fascinating and exciting field of emotional intelligence. It enabled me to pull out of thirty years of chronic depression. Then I wrote a book called Honouring Your Emotions: Why it Matters. For the past five years I have been practising the Law of Attraction before anybody ever heard of it. Practising the Law of Attraction along with listening to the messages in my emotions (which is part of the practice) has changed my life. Now I would like to share what you need to know to live your life by the Law of Attraction and listen to the messages in your emotions so you can create a fulfilling life easily.

What is the Law of Attraction? In short, what you think is what you get. Whenever you get bogged down in too many details about this principle, whenever you are tempted to make learning everything there is to know about the law of attraction a big project in your life, whenever you feel like you need to know everything about the law of attraction before you try it, just try it anyways by remembering only one thing: “WHAT YOU THINK IS WHAT YOU GET.”

Now, let me give you some background. There is an abundant energy in the universe that is available to all of us. When we think a thought, we are connecting to that universal energy. The universe will set in motion that which responds to your thoughts. So, for example, when you decide that you need someone to talk to today, someone will call you or email you, apparently out of the blue and you will find yourself talking to them. But the reality is that you set the wheels in motion by thinking the thought. Conversely, when you think about how poor you are or how lonely you are or how sick you are even if you say, “I don’t want to be in debt anymore.” the universe does not hear “I don’t want” it hears what you focus on which is “debt.”

So, I would suggest that you focus on what you want in life, not what you don’t want. When I first started manifesting, it would take a week or two for whatever it was I asked for to appear. I started with small things. It felt safer. After awhile it would take about 48 hours. Then I noticed things started happening within two hours after I sent out the message! Whoah! I got spooked and left it alone for awhile. But it wasn’t long before I started feeling that I was operating at a sub-optimal level, so I picked it up again and have been doing it every since. That was five years ago.

Now, let me share with you the simple steps I go through in order to manifest what I want or need for today, this month, this year, or in any part of my life.

Step One: Be clear and specific about what you want. Be sure that you focus on what you want and not what you don’t want. Start with something small. Make a specific verbal or written statement or both. Written has its own power because you can refer back to it. You could even have a specific book where you write only your manifestation statements. Some examples:

1. “Today I will manifest a stress-free and pleasant day.”

2. When you go to bed, you are a snorer and don’t want to disturb your partner you could say, “I will breathe freely and easily tonight.”

3. “Today, I will find the right person to read my manuscript.”

4. “Today, I will manifest the extra money needed to pay off my Mastercard.”

5. “This year, I will live an optimal life.”

6. “This year, I will have an abundance of friends that I enjoy and they enjoy me.”

7. “I will meet the man of my dreams in the next sixty days.”

8. “I will find the perfect apartment for me and my son in the next thirty days.”

You get the idea.

Step Two: Send your message out to the universe. Trust that the universe receives, hears and honours your message. Visualize your message as an energy stream coming from your mind and being sent by you into space in an upwardly direction.

Step Three: Let it go. Be non-attached to outcome. Again, trust that the universe will take care of it for you. You no longer need to give it energy. It is not for you to decide how it will come to you. It is the job of the universe to decide how it will come to you. When you are invaded by thoughts of “What if it doesn’t happen?”, just remind yourself to trust the universe that it will do what is best for you. You will get what you need and want. And, believe me, I have done this enough times that it has been proven to me over and over again that my interest, needs and wants have been answered to my satisfaction. As you practice this as often or as little as you want, you will also gain experience and proof that will relax you, because you will see that it works.

Emotions and the Law of Attraction

The connection of emotions to the law of attraction is simple. Our emotions are our built-in guidance system. They let us know the direction we want to go in, the direction that is right for us, the direction that excites us in any endeavour. They help us go in the direction that the universe wants for us and that will allow us to make our highest contribution to humankind.

When we use the messages in our emotions to listen to and honour our longings, we can then use the Law of Attraction to manifest what we want.

I have used this method over and over again consistently for the last five years in achieving everything I want and it has consistently come through for me. I am happier than I have ever been in my entire life and continue to spiral upwards to new levels. I feel more valued and appreciated by people. I have friends that care more deeply for me than I have ever had before. I feel well supported to move forward and will continue to use the messages in my emotions and the law of attraction to make a meaningful and significant life.

Copyright (c) 2006 Johanna Vanderpol

The Easy Guide to Getting Law of Attraction Money

If you have ever read the book the Secret or heard any of the teachings of Abraham (a spirit channeled by Esther Hicks), then you may well be wondering how to get Law of Attraction money. The process seems simple but so many people try at it and fail. Following is a step by step guide on how you can get money through the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction can be summed up in a few words: we create our own reality with our thoughts. Basically this means that if you focus on what you lack, you will continue to lack it. However, if you focus on the abundance that is plentiful in the universe, you will attract it.

According to the Law of Attraction, the current economic crisis and poverty in general is caused by people having a negative mentality. If you think I am going to lose my job or I am broke and things are never going to change, this will become your reality. However, if you think I am going to achieve great wealth, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

In order to apply the Law of Attraction to get money, you need to do the following: first, change your thought patterns to eliminate the negative. Every time you wake up, think today I will attract great wealth. You have to keep saying this to yourself until you really believe it, and that can be difficult for most people, so to circumvent disbelief, you can also phrase it in terms of specifics that you can believe. Today I will become a millionaire or today I will win the lottery is hard for most people to believe. However, if you say today I will get a new customer that will result in $3,000 of revenue you may be able to believe that.

Keep thinking this way until you truly believe what you are saying. It can also help to say it out loud or write it down. Once you really believe what you are saying, the Law of Attraction starts coming into effect to make you money.

One thing that is crucial for making the process work is to state your intent positively, however. You cannot say today I will not run out of money to pay my bills or today I will not have problems finding money. The Law Of Attraction does not recognize negative constructs. It will read these statements as today I will run out of money to pay my bills or today I will have problems finding money. Negative phrasings of your intent will actually end up attracting the thing you are trying to get rid of.

Finally, the last step in how to get Law Of Attraction money is to let go of your attachment to the outcome. Once you have created your intent, phrased it properly and truly believed it, it is time to let it go and let the Law of Attraction work for you.

Break the Law, Suffer the Consequence

The past does not change the law.

There is a difference between breaking man’s law and God’s law. You might get away with breaking man’s law but God’s laws are forever. You might think you are getting away with transgressing God’s law but in the end every law breaker gets judged and punished. The punishment is always befitting the crime. Judgment is swift and truthful.

The same Laws of today govern tomorrow

The same laws exist today that were in effect yesterday and will be tomorrow. When we enact the law today it will not change yesterday but will pass on an enhanced experience for tomorrow. By enacting and correctly using the law it can bring about happiness, peace, poise, power, and prosperity for our tomorrows. Limitation is the result of an ignorance use of the law. Limitation has no status it is merely a circumscribed way of experiencing your freedom of choice.

Don’t go astray

You must be careful that your thought is not influenced by physical appearances or material longings. Everyone has the power to change their circumstance. But, to have the power is not enough. – you must use it, but not abuse it. With power comes great responsibility and knowledge. You must tune in, since this inner Divine presence and come together in an effective union of cooperation.

And fall away from the law

He is the supplier you are the deliverer. His word is the law and you enact the law in a partnership of mutual love and admiration. Free yourself from all strife and confusion, understand God is in all and is all. You are of God acting as a free agent as you are able to make free choices. Everything exist for mankind’s experience and nothing functions without enlightenment. All is for the pleasure of God and mankind’s betterment.

No matter the situation

No matter how much power God’s word contains, it is of no use without Man’s contribution. It is man that exemplifies God’s existence and transfers God’s experience into the material world. This is not an act of will in any since of the term, any more than to look at a beautiful landscape would be an act of will. True, we must have a willingness but not one to be confused with a demanding determination. We must draw God toward us as the lamp draws the moth.

Truth prevails

You must be definitely certain that whenever you are aware of God’s presence there is a right action that follows. Theoretically, you convert things into thoughts and handle thoughts rather than things. Thoughts can be digested in the mind and broken into knowledge where things are material extrapolations. The coloration between thought and material is both are things that can be controlled by the mind.

If you use the law for good

As we invoke the law it evolves into form and becomes an unavoidable experience. Chose to use the law incorrectly and your experience will be harmful or regressive. Enact the law correctly and your experience will always be beneficial or progressive. If you gain wealth be hurting others you will never enjoy it as you should. A thought or action cannot be against itself. Gain wealth in a positive way and your experience will be positive.

Good will always come

The law is continually in force, we discover it and put it into motion. Being a force, law can only apply pressure and not direction. Law is the law and knows no good or bad, it only knows truth.

From an awakened spirit

All spiritual awaking is for the purpose of Divine realization at the center of our thought and for the purpose of directing the law into a decided action. Anytime a person awakens Spirit and directs its power it is effective, but no matter how great a realization of goodness one has, unless spirit is directed it has no course but remains an unused force.

Don’t be misled

All the religions in the world cannot change Reality. They only change our perception of it. Our thought has as much power as we believe it has at any particular time. People could not believe thought has power unless it is demonstrated in the law. The reason we can have such a faith and belief is because we know that belief and faith act in unison as law.

You are in control

We must realize the implications of this power and direct it toward good. It is also our duty to be responsible and share God’s laws with other responsible people. We must rise above all belief in the separation of God and man to a realization that there is nothing in God’s laws to contradict our word in truth. God is in all and is all, He experiences Himself through our experiences. It pleasures Him when we are pleasured in a full and rewarding life.

Be happy, productive and most of all God directed.

Happy Trails