What to do when your social security disability claim is denied

Everyday in this country, people suffer injuries that prevent them from ever being able to return to the workforce in a constructive role.

We all think that this will never happen to us, but how many innocents end up getting T-boned in intersections by distracted or drunk drivers? More than you would ever want to think about.

If you currently find yourself in this situation, you probably think your life couldn’t get any worse. However, it does for many people, as these poor folks have had to endure the pain of having their claim for benefits denied by the Social Security Administration.

If this ends up happening to you, know that you have the ability to overturn this decision. Below, we will chart out the battle plan that will help you secure the disability benefits that you desperately need.

Speak with a disability lawyer

Your first attempt to qualify for Social Security disability benefits may have failed due to your lack of knowledge concerning the process.

While many people think that the government views their condition as not debilitating enough to warrant benefits, the reality of their denial is quite different.

More than half of all rejected applications are the result of improperly filled out forms. Because they failed to supply the information that the Social Security Administration needs in order to render an official decision, they simply deny the request.

The lack of clear information from this government agency regarding denied applications leaves applicants assuming the worst case scenario.

As such, it is important that you consult with disability law firms (such as damichigan.com) as soon as your claim is denied, as their team of specialized professionals have the experience necessary to sort out your situation. Act quickly, as many states have a limited window (e.g. 60 days in Michigan) in which appeals can be launched.

Launch an appeal

If you have a solid case for receiving Social Security Disability Benefits despite your denial by the SSA, the lawyer assigned to your file will begin pulling together the evidence needed to wage a successful appeal.

Before coming in for your free consultation, gather as much information detailing the severity of your condition, your income level prior to your disability, medical records, as well as any other evidence that points to your inability to carry out constructive work.

Depending on the jurisdiction in which you live, it can take as long as 12 months or more for your appeal to be heard.

If you are under financial duress, inform your attorney of this situation immediately, as they might be able to file a motion to expedite your claim.

For example, evidence of an impending eviction due to your inability to pay rent should be more than sufficient to have your appeal moved forward.

Don’t lose hope

Too many Americans are denied the disability payments that they deserve due to the confusing bureaucracy that they are forced to negotiate.

According to statistics, only 30% of applicants are approved for disability benefits on their first attempt. However, of those that appeal, more than half win their case with the SSA.

By refusing to wave the white flag, you give yourself the best possible chance of benefiting from a program that you have paid taxes into over your working life. It’s your money: go get it.

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