Tips and Tricks When Dealing With a Car Accident in Court

Getting into a car accident is always a stressful and rattling experience. There may be damages to your vehicle, to yourself, or both. It can be hindering to your day-to-day life, making it difficult to be mobile either via vehicle or in the body and may incur unplanned medical expenses or expenses to fix your vehicle – both of which are never cheap. Generally, the majority of car accident cases are settled before setting foot in a courtroom. Those that do make it to the courtroom are typically settled in small claims court, unless there are other extraneous circumstances. When dealing with a court case on top of a car accident, this can only increase stress levels and costs. Reduce your stress with these tips to help you navigate your car accident court case.


Choosing a Lawyer

When you are choosing a lawyer to represent you, there are a number of steps that you want to take to make certain you are getting a lawyer that will take your best interests to heart. Asking friends, family, or forums regarding car accident lawyers in your area is a great way to get feedback from real people regarding their experiences with a certain lawyer. Research those lawyers that you prefer, on your local bar association (easily found online) and their website. Check out for an example. Prior to making your final decision, meet with your preferred lawyers for a consult regarding your case.


To Sue or Settle?

This is the major question to ask yourself and your lawyer. In any car accident case, it is always smartest to try to settle first. Your lawyer will know how to best go about this to help you get what you want. All negative connotation aside, settling before going to court will allow you to get what you want in a more timely fashion while cutting the costs attributed to you by your lawyer. Settling will completely cut out the need to appear in court, either just the once or multiple times, as well as avoids any unfavourable decisions made by the jury regarding your case.


Preparing and Going to Court

If settling ends up not being an option and you do end up going to court, it is paramount to be highly prepared – better yet, to be over-prepared. This means having more than ample evidence to support your case. Your goal is to convince the jury that you are in the right, the most effective way of which to do so is via this evidence. Car accidents are always tricky – unless it is something blatantly obvious, such as being hit in your legally parked car for example. Otherwise, these sorts of cases tend to be a tad more difficult for a jury to discern. Measurable harm done either to your person or vehicle that are obviously cause of the accident is ideal. Your lawyer will help you to choose your evidence and will present it in a manner in which he or she believes will be the most convincing. Thus thorough deliberation with your lawyer is crucial.





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