Is Your New Neighbor Potential Trouble?

Neighbors come in all shapes and sizes, something many homeowners and renters know all too well.

That being the case, it is important for you to have a basic idea of those around you (and your family where applicable), allowing you to rest a little easier at night.

Now, unless you are police detective, you might wonder how you can go about finding out neighbors’ information.

For starters, there is the old asking around about new people when they move into the neighborhood, though some people may not want to open up about the new folks.

Meantime, you can always do a little investigating of your own by watching the new people come and go, though who really has time to do that?

Lastly, you can turn to the Internet, a resource that may be your best tool yet when it comes to finding out just who the new people really are?

So, are you prepared to find out if your new neighbor is potential trouble?

Getting Started with Your Search

In order to begin the new neighbor information search, you can start by researching criminal arrest records online.

There are services out there allowing you to do criminal records checks, checks that can provide you with lots of information as to one’s past history and even their present doings.

So, before you get all worried that you could be living next door or only a few doors down from someone really dangerous, take into account that most hardened criminals simply do not pop-up in neighborhoods out of the blue.

In some instances, you could have a neighbor or two who does in fact have a criminal record that you should be alerted to. It might even be someone who has lived in the neighborhood before, only to be removed due to a crime and jail time.

That said you’re more than likely not going to have to worry about those who’ve murdered someone etc. but could be out following serving time for burglary, forgery, DUI’s, using drugs etc. No, not that those and other crimes are not of concern, but past convictions do not automatically mean these people will strike again, notably right where you live.

That said if it makes you sleep easier at night knowing this information, you’re better off with it over time.

Looking for Potential Signs of Trouble

Even as you do some online research into some individuals living around you, keep in mind that certain signs will stand out in everyday life. With those signs, you are better prepared to know if potential trouble is on the horizon.

For instance, keep an eye out for some of these potential red flags with neighbors:

  • Keeping strange hours

Although many people have different work responsibilities, most people either work your typical 8 to 5 shift (or something close to it) or 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. etc. Yes, police officers, nurses etc. can be out and about all hours of the day. If someone seems to be coming and going at weird times, at least don’t automatically brush it off as no big deal.

  • Lots of people coming and going

Just about everyone has friend or two, so people coming and going at a residence is not the strangest thing in the world. That said keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. Such things as people showing up at 3 a.m., individuals meeting in garages at strange hours of the day, and homes or apartments where the blinds or shades always seem to be down for no apparent reason.

  • No communication

Finally, some people are just naturally introverts and typically want nothing to do with others. With that in mind, any neighbor/s always avoiding contact with the rest of the neighborhood could be potential trouble. If you try and introduce conversation, only to be rebuked again and again, you might have a problem in the neighborhood.

While you do not want to become the neighborhood busybody, you do want to have a least some knowledge of each and every person in your immediate area.

By having that information, you are better prepared to know if your new neighbor is potential trouble.

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