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A frivolous lawsuit is one in which the party suing is doing so in order to harass, or cause emotional harm with very little intention of ever taking it to court. In a frivolous suit, there is little chance the plaintiff will win the suit if it goes to court, so with all intensive purposes, they try and settle outside of court. In other words, a frivolous suit is basically someone find any reason to sue someone. It is a way to either make a quick buck or just harass the other person.

While these types of suits are often hard to avoid, there are preventative measures you can take if something were to happen.

According to Money Crashers, they offer some insight into this type of suit and what you need to do before during and after this situation. While it’s a lengthy article, we have highlighted some of the important features below.

First, you will need to hire an attorney. That par is unfortunately inevitable. This can scare some people because of the price or retainer fee, but there are ways around this. Find an attorney who only gets paid if you win or one who is referred to you by a friend so the price may be negotiable.

Remember, most threats do not turn into actual lawsuits, so hiring an attorney will at least help you alleviate the stress and pressure from the entire situation.

Second, collect as much information as you can about the case. Why are they threatening to sue you? Do they have a real case? What can you do in the meantime?

Last, hold a low profile. Basically, just try and stay off social media, and limit what you say and to who you say it to. Additionally, if you need something to keep you busy while you wait patiently for things to clear out, you can always check out American Apparel for their great deals online and in store.

A few other pieces of advice to make sure this situation goes as planned is to remain calm. Like previously stated, most of these cases or even “threats” never make it to court, so there really is no reason to worry. Lastly, try and remain positive and realistic throughout this entire process. While it’s going to be stressful, and possibly just downright annoying, you need to let your lawyer handle it.

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