5 Steps to Receiving Compensation for Laser Hair Removal Burns

Laser hair removal treatments are commonplace in salons and beauticians’ offices around the country. And when the treatment is carried out correctly, by experienced personnel, it is a highly effective way of removing unwanted hair and produces satisfactory results. But when the treatment is not carried out correctly, or the practitioner uses the laser on the wrong setting, or does not pay enough attention to the procedure, it can result in serious injury.


If you have recently had laser hair removal and you have experienced an injury as the result of a mistake made by the practitioner, then you could be entitled to compensation. Here are the basic steps that you need to undertake when you are looking to make a beauty treatment compensation claim.

  1. Understand the Need for Regulation

Beauticians are required to be registered and qualified with a professional body before they are able to carry out laser hair removal procedures on members of the public. If the practitioner carries out treatments without being qualified or registered, and this results in an injury, you may have grounds for compensation. It is similar to a claim that you can bring against a member of the medical profession if they are negligent in their treatment.

  1. Look at the Way Your Treatment Was Administered

While laser hair removal may be carried out most often for cosmetic purposes, this does not mean that it cannot cause significant suffering if not properly administered. In order to say whether a treatment was given negligently or that the practitioner was negligent, you must look at the circumstances of the injury and what was done before, during, and after that affected the outcome of the treatment.

  1. Consult a Professional

It is important at this stage to consult a professional personal injury or beauty treatment claims lawyer. You need to discuss your own individual case with a solicitor and they will tell you whether you have a claim, and what to do next. Since all claims are different it is impossible to know for sure whether the circumstances of your injury meet the criteria for compensation without getting professional advice.

  1. Collect Documentation

You should take photos and video of the injury after it has happened, so that you document how the injury looked without treatment and as it was being treated. You will also need to collect documentation of the steps you took to report the injury and the results of any diagnosis and treatment given to you by doctors or other medical practitioners.

  1. Collect Your Compensation

The process to receive compensation for laser hair removal scars laser hair removal burns can be complex and it is necessary to involve a solicitor at an early stage, even if the salon offers you a token amount of money as their form of compensation. It is important you get the amount of compensation you deserve based on your injuries.

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