Five Laws of Financial Success

If you’re trying to achieve a major financial goal, sometimes your journey may seem like a meandering obstacle course with no clear sign of the finish line.

Although you try your best to create a better life, it seems that something always happens to throw off your plans. Why, you may ask yourself, does it have to be so hard to get ahead?

Many times persons struggle to succeed and eventually give up on their dreams because they are unaware of the process of achievement. If more persons understood exactly what was required to get what they wanted in life, then they would be more inclined to persevere until they were successful.

If you want to accomplish your goals, it is essential for you to learn about the universal laws that govern human behaviour and achievement. There are laws of nature that control our lives, whether we are aware of them or not.

You can’t escape the Laws

Unlike man-made laws that can be broken, you can never escape the effects of natural laws which work all the time, without fail. The physical law of gravity dictates that if you jump from the top of a building without a means of flight, the gravitational pull will cause you to fall to the ground.

In the same way, there are invisible mental laws that will determine your level of success in life. Therefore, if you are experiencing problems in getting ahead, you are more than likely violating an important natural law.

Many of the books about personal development that I have read have spoken about the significance of these universal laws. Achievement guru, Brian Tracy, confirmed that after studying successful people, he found that “almost all of them used these laws consciously or unconsciously, and as a result they were often able to accomplish more… than the average person.”

Let’s look at some of these principles and examine how they can help you to become successful with your financial goals:

You get what you expect

The law of expectations says that whatever you subconsciously expect to happen will become your reality. Therefore, if you say that you want to be wealthy but you really don’t expect it to happen, then you will remain broke for your entire life.

Change your negative expectations by saying out loud everyday, “I expect to learn how to become more financially successful today.” If you repeat this often enough with conviction, you will develop an air of positive expectancy that will create the results you really desire.

You attract what you focus on

The law of attraction states that you attract people and situations that are in line with your thoughts. Everything that comes to you, positive or negative, is as a result of what you focus on. For example, if you constantly worry about your unpaid bills, you are only going to attract more debt.

Instead of concentrating on things you don’t want, such as your money problems, write down your goals and make an action plan to achieve them. If you focus all your dominant thoughts on your objectives, eventually opportunities will arise that will to help you to accomplish your goals.

You reap what you sow

The law of compensation says that you will get back whatever you give in life. Whatever you are reaping today is a result of what you have sown in the past. If you spent most of your life wasting money, then your present financial situation will reflect this mismanagement.

While you can’t reverse the past, you can change your future by planting the right seeds today. If you practice the habits of budgeting and saving, control your appetite for debt, and work diligently on your goals, you will create a more prosperous future.

You get back more than you give out

The law of increasing returns declares that you will reap a harvest that is greater than what you put in. So, if you plant one seed you will get a plant with many more seeds. This law can also work against you financially; if you overspend a little everyday, you will create a big hole in your budget.

Little things, done repeatedly, really can make a difference. Save what you can, no matter how small, and eventually the magic of compounding will allow your nest egg to grow. Spend just 30 minutes a day educating yourself on money principles and you will develop financial wisdom.

Your desired results take time

The law of delayed gratification states that it takes time for you to see the results of your efforts. Have you ever given up on a major goal because you didn’t see it coming into fruition fast enough? Unfortunately, your ultimate success may have been defeated by your lack of perseverance.

It’s important for you to have realistic expectations of what it will take to accomplish your dreams. Very often, you need time to grow and develop into the person you need to be, in order to have the things you desire in life.